7 Online Marketing Strategies for a Sick Economy

Posted on Jun 23, 2021
For business owners and executives, the coronavirus pandemic carries double the amount of worry and stress. If you fall into this group, you already know why. Like all of us, you’re probably worried about the health and safety of yourself and your loved ones, but you also have the added burden of trying to figure out how to keep your company running in the midst a set of unique challenges that seem to change day by day.

So, even though sorting out your website and online marketing strategy might not have been an initial concern, it’s something you’ve probably been thinking about over the last few days. In this short guide, we want to give you some simple ideas you can use to keep your business running as smoothly as possible in the weeks and months to come.

Let’s look at seven online marketing strategies you can use to maintain a healthy company in a coronavirus-affected economic climate…

1 Sell What Your Customers Want

This isn’t exactly groundbreaking advice, of course, but it’s worth beginning with the obvious: most experts predict that the coronavirus pandemic is going to be accompanied by a temporary economic slowdown. When you add the two together, you get lots of uncertainty. That means buying patterns are going to change a lot of industries.

Figure out what it is your customers or clients are likely to want from you in the short-term and then adjust your website to emphasize those products or services. Whether it’s lower-cost solutions or those with shorter contract commitments, this is the time to show your target market you can help them save money and stay flexible.

2 Make Ecommerce a Bigger Part of Your Sales Strategy

When facing uncertain or rapidly changing conditions, it’s not always easy to figure out which way to move. However, doubling down on ecommerce is probably a no-brainer for many small and medium-sized businesses with products to sell.

Experts are warning people to stay out of stores and away from crowds as much as possible. At the same time, there are no current indications that mail service or shipping deliveries will be affected. So, you can use your online store to provide buyers with exactly what they need without the time or risk associated with a trip out to your location.

3 Take Meetings and Events Online

There is never a good time for a health crisis or economic slowdown, but we are fortunate in 2020 to have the technological tools we need to be able to get together with customers and colleagues without being in the same room. While there isn’t anything quite like a face-to-face encounter, you and your team can use tools like Skype, GoToMeeting, and online webinar software to stay in touch.

Making the most of these solutions means more than just buying licenses, though. Invest a small amount of time and familiarizing yourself with their features, and use good webcams, microphones, and lighting. The differences these small touches make will help you stand out.


4 Think Efficiency with Digital Ads and PPC

As we’ve already noted, the coming few months are expected to bring an economic slowdown and big changes in buying habits. Knowing that, it will probably make sense for you to approach your advertising a little differently.

The great thing about digital and PPC ads is that they can not only be highly targeted, but also adjusted (or scaled down) rapidly. So, if you find that buyers aren’t responding to offers that used to be profitable, you can stop spending on campaigns that aren’t generating results. Keep a close eye on your analytics and be sure you aren’t burning your budget on ads, audiences, or search terms that aren’t relevant in the current market.

5 Update Your Website Frequently

If there is one thing it’s easy to understand and appreciate at a time like this, it’s just how much is out of your control as a business owner or executive. There are probably going to be more issues to come, including some that are unique to your business or industry, even though you can’t see them on the horizon yet.

When things like employee absences or supply chain interruptions affect your business, do your best to update content immediately. By giving customers current pricing, realistic delivery times, etc., you stop them from becoming dissatisfied (and canceling orders or making complaints) later and save on costs in the process.

6 Reach Out to Customers and Partners Frequently

You are probably worried about several aspects of your life and business. So are your customers, vendors, and employees. One way you can reduce their burden – and enhance your credibility now and for the future – is to communicate with them more frequently than you otherwise might.

We recommend that you use your email newsletter and social media presences very consistently during the current crisis. Keep those who work with you in the loop about any closures and disruptions. Let them know if you find fresh opportunities or discover tips that can help them. The more transparent you are about what’s going on with your business, the less they will have to worry about and the more trust you earn.

7 Expect the Unexpected

For most of us, the rapid transformation of everyday life – and current business conditions – seemed to come almost out of nowhere. It only stands to reason that the next set of major developments is likely to arrive as a surprise too.

No one knows exactly what’s going to happen, or when the pandemic will be controlled enough to go back to what we think of as normal… Or even what the “new normal” will necessarily be. Decision-makers should keep that in mind and avoid committing to big forward-looking plans or investments, at least for a while. The time to think strategically for the long-term will come, but for now it’s okay to focus on taking care of the immediate needs you have for yourself, your team, and your customers.

Let’s Work on Your Coronavirus Strategy Together

While the situation we are facing is virtually unprecedented, there are tools and best practices we can use to get through this uncertain time. If you’re looking for expert advice that combines smart, internet-based tactics with good common sense, then reach out to our agency. We are working directly with each client to find customized solutions to the coronavirus pandemic.